Sunday, October 2, 2011

Beyond Talassar

Thank you all for playing in our 40k campaign!  I’m very pleased with the results, so we’ll be starting a new campaign in about a month.  We’ll be heading to the galactic north and a bit rimward to the edge of the Tau expansion, following a few of the fleeing Occupation leaders.  See me in store for signups and additional rules.

Anyone who has logged at least one reported game in this campaign should see me in store for campaign buttons!  I’ve got a generic design for all players, or you can send me something cool you’d like on your button.  Please keep it campaign related and under 3” square.  Each button will cost $1 to cover the cost of making them, and I’ll be able to print them until we start our new campaign in November.

Thanks again for playing, and watch this space for updates on the next one!


Despite the valiant efforts of the Expedition forces, Talassar’s orbital weapons have been destroyed.  Even with the news that a massive Ultramarine relief fleet is inbound, the loss of the guns will be devastating to the Imperial war effort.  The Occupation ships are using the gift of extra time to deploy orbital mines and traps, so that even after the fleets withdraw the Ultramarines will be denied orbital weaponry and surveillance.  Further, the failure of the Expedition to evacuate the noncombatants limits the relief forces to a defensive posture.

While many of the leaders on both sides have fallen in the fighting, many more have escaped.  With their objectives accomplished, most of the Occupation leaders have withdrawn from Talassar, moving on with their elite guards and leaving the rank and file to continue the ground war.  Many of the Imperial commanders have vowed to pursue, but they must wait for the reinforcement fleet first.

The astropaths of the Imperial fleet report strange signs and portents.  It appears that one of the darker minded servants of chaos operating on Talassar put into motion a ritual to engulf the world in a warp storm.  His plot was barely thwarted, but the mere attempt seems to have unintentionally benefited the Expedition.  With the clearing of the warp disturbances, the Eldar seers are free to read the tides of the warp.  They claim that without the psychic disturbances and the masking done to fight it, the Tyranid presence on Talassar would have called forth a greater hive fleet from the void, likely dooming the world.

Week 5 results:
Primary: Occupation
Secondary: Occupation

Final Results:

Primary: Occupation
Secondary: Occupation
Tertiary: Tie

The Invasion of Talassar has been a success for the coalition of warlords forming the Occupation.  While casualties have been high, many of the warlords came to Talassar simply for the privilege of spilling Imperial blood, and that goal has certainly been met.  The Ultramarine reinforcements will face years, if not decades, of war to cleanse Talassar of the invaders, and the production capabilities of the ocean world have been crippled.  With Imperial resources already stretched thin, who knows how many colonies will be lost as the soldiers and weapons they need to defend themselves are redirected to Talassar.

While bloodshed was the Occupation’s primary goal, many of the leaders on both sides had hidden reasons for coming to Talassar.  Inquisitors within the Expedition report that the information leak that allowed the Occupation access to Imperial communications may also have exposed sensitive Ultramarine threat assessment documents to the cultists and pirates.  What effect this will have remains to be seen, but Expedition leaders are certain that whatever use the information is put to, it will not benefit Mankind.

In the chaos of conflict, the sources of Talassar’s sorrow have escaped identification.  While many clues and incongruities have been discovered, no conclusive evidence shows who engineered the conflict on Talassar.  The Occupation leaders are generally indifferent: while they chafe at the manipulation, none would have wanted to miss the bloodshed.  The Imperial commanders, however, fear that with the dispersal of the warlords the architect of Talassar’s war will be free to practice his craft on another Imperial world.