Campaign Experience Rules

For Au'daan, we'll be using the following unit experience rules.  If they work out, they will carry over to our next campaign and become permanent.

For each nonvehicle unit in your army, you may fill out a campaign experience card. You may choose five of these cards to be active, the rest are retired. A unit must be fielded exactly as written on the card in order to gain experience points, and to benefit from experience upgrades. Two active cards may not be identical units. When a card is not active it loses all accumulated experience points and bonuses.

At the end of each campaign game, nominate one unit that has a campaign experience card. If that unit inflicted casualties during this game, add 1 experience point to that unit's points pool. If you won the game, add 1 additional point.

Experience points may be spent to give the unit the following upgrades:

Tank Hunters- 3 points
Fearless- 1 point
Relentless*- 2 points
Night Vision- 1 point
Preferred Enemy- 1 point each (must choose an enemy)
Hit & Run- 1 point
Counter-Attack- 1 point
Furious Charge- 3 points
Feel No Pain- 4 points
Fleet*- 2 points
Scouts*- 2 points
Stealth- 1 point
Move through Cover- 1 point
Infiltrate*- 2 points each
Veteran Aim (+1 BS)- 4 points
Lightning Reflexes (+1 I)- 5 points

* may only be given to units that move as infantry.

A unit with 5+ points in experience bonuses counts as 2 kill points, and enemy units attacking it re-roll 1's when rolling to wound that unit.  An enemy fighting a unit with 8+ points spent gains preferred enemy and furious charge.

When a unit with any experience bonuses is wiped out, it loses all experience bonuses and points.

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