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This page archives the missions and results for our Purging of Talassar campaign!  Check the main page for whatever's current.

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Occupation Forces

Called by instinct, rumor or vision to Talassar, warbands and hordes representing nearly all of Mankind's foes have discovered that their main competition is with... each other. Even before the slavering beasts and cruel warlords descended upon Talassar, her great guns were silent, her astropaths mute, and her sensors dead.  At the first signs of invasion, the Ultramar Militia retreated into the great underground cities, leaving the island settlements on the surface undefended against the myriad offworld menaces.  While the gates of the human strongholds stood strong, the hordes of aliens and mutants ravished the surface, turning their guns on each other in competition over the spoils.  But with the arrival of the Expedition, the warlords of the Occupation have come into an uneasy truce.  While they do not trust each other, they share a goal, for every day the Imperial forces can be held at bay is another day for each warlord's foul plans to come to fruition.

Forces of the following codices support the Occupation in the Purging of Talassar:
* Codex: Dark Eldar
* Codex: Tyranids
* Codex: Chaos Daemons
* Codex: Chaos Space Marines
* Codex: Orks
* Codex: Tau Empire
* Codex: Necrons

Week 1: Tertiary
As Shabak danced across the field, raining death upon his former brothers, his steps faltered.  Something was not right.  The echoes of the past that drove him on were distorted and wrong.  These false foes fell back before his charges, without even punishing the more fervent of his loyal followers.  Rather than the cobalt of joyful murder, his vision was drowned in bloodred.  And the voices... He expected voices from the distant Heresy, but Shabak's victims cried out and shouted in a different voice, just as familiar.  It was the voice that had come to him months ago in the Eye and followed him ever since, whispering a name he could not resist, "Talassar..."

Leaders of the Occupation:

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Warboss Graug Grotsittah
Graug is not the biggest ork warlord, nor is he the smartest.  But Graug has an edge over his competitors: Graug is driven.  Many yeas ago, when Graug was merely a Nob, a human renegade told Graug a tale of the mightiest human chieftain: a great warboss who sat on the shiniest chair in the whole galaxy. Graug knew then that one day he would sit in that mighty seat, and that when none could look at him for the bright reflection from his throne, he would be known as the greatest ork ever to have stomped.  Graug's Waagh is yet small, but even mighty Thraka was once a lowly chieftain, and Graug's determination is strong.  When he is done with Talassar, his boyz will be bigger and stronger than ever and the luck of Gork (or maybe Mork) will guide his Rokk closer to his goal.

Dark Apostle Shabak of the Word Bearers
 Shabak is warp-touched and mad.  In the millennia since the Heresy, he has acquired a great following, though it is likely that his followers revel in the destruction and chaos that springs up in his path more than his ranting sermons.  But of all the battles he has fought and all the worlds he has razed, only one memory remains in his warp-induced insanity.  Shabak thrills at his return to Ultramar because he remembers Calth.  He remembers Calth, where he first murdered his brethren, where he trod the first steps on his road to damnation, with nostalgia.  For on Calth, Shabak discovered for the first time a worthy foe, and knew victory.  So as Shabak dances madly across the surface of Talassar, his eyes see the blasted landscape of Calth ten thousand years ago, and Shabak again knows joy.

    Dagamun is the Chaos Lord of the Forgotten Legion’s forces.  Rising through the ranks of the Death Guard since before Turning of Horus, Dagamun’s age is unknown.  Dagamun was unable to join Mortarion on the assault on Terra due to ship damage, and so was trapped within the Eye of Terror for countless eons,  pillaging and killing anything their ship could make contact with until joining a larger warband of Khorne.  Sometime thereafter, Dagamun had secured control of both warbands after the death of the Warlord by Imperial hands, enslaving the followers of Khorne and allying himself with their enemies.  Now Dagamun’s flag waves with all four banners of the dark gods and there is little stopping his conquests.

The Colonel
    Beyond being the progenitor of the Forgotten Legion’s regiments and a brilliant tactician, little is known of the fabled “Colonel.”  His whereabouts are unknown despite intense orbital scanning and surveillance.  Though captured heretics have spoken of him,   none have heard his voice or seen his face.  They say he is a shadowy figure hidden beneath an environ-suit and speaks solely to the vox-master who is always at his side.  On a multiple occasions Imperial Forces attempted to capture or kill him, several times they believed themselves successful; and yet proof of his presence continue to be reported across the front lines.  Imperial Tacticians believe this is due to body doubles or simple replacement.  The more radical analysts believe the dark gods are resurrecting him to continue fighting, which helps to explain the retention of tactical genius.  Regardless of the reason, the effect on the arch-enemy is profound.  They believe this “Colonel” to be immortal.
    Abigar is believed to be the mailed fist of the “Colonel.”  Anywhere Abigar has been a massacre had followed.  Abigar is believed to have offered his body to the warp, and has become possessed.  Able to rip a man in twain with his bare hands, few dare to tempt Abigar’s short temper.  This thing is often spotted at the forefront of assaults and counter attacks.  Bolt rounds and las fire bounce of his defiled form as he wades into battle.  Warp energies seem to flow out from Abigar like a hole in a dam and fill the surrounding traitors with a mindless bloodlust.  These energies drive men into a furtive rage and blindly into Imperial lines with reckless abandon often dislodging the defenders.  Such charges often end in an orgiastic blood bath for the victors.  The idea of friend and foe is lost and everything is killed and torn apart.  Abigar is always the last and drinks in sea of blood.  Eventually the Daemon is sated, and he returns.

    Nicknamed the “Ferryman,” Charon delivers the souls of living to world of the dead,  even if the souls are not only those of the enemy.  Charon does not abide by cowardice and is just as prone to shoot fleeing soldiers as imperials.  Though a powerful follower of Nurgle, Charon openly embraces the blood letting of Khorne.  As such Khorne has bestowed his gifts upon him.  His roars can be heard across the battlefield as his daemonic hand rips through flesh and ceramite as though it were paper.  Rumors amongst the rank and file believe Charon will one day become a Daemon Prince and is at constant odds with Abigar.
Mukesh the Decayed
    Mukesh is one of the eldest warriors under the Colonel’s command.  His presence has been recorded on multiple worlds and battlefields.  Though he is commonly mistaken for a small Obliterator or an Ogryn of Nurgle, his body is engorged by diseases and hives of insects.  Mukesh can emit a massive cloud of miasma effectively covering his allies and repelling attackers.  Armed with an assortment of heavy weapons (the Heavy Bolter being the most common) he uses this artificial cover to great advantage and guns down swaths of troops from a long distance.  He is primarily spotted among veteran teams armed with additional heavy weapons and complimenting their tainted leader.  Mukesh’s immense girth allows him to fire even when on the move.

Expeditionary Forces

The Imperial Expedition to Talassar is a bewildering variety of fleets, ships and military forces all united in one goal: the restoration of Talassar to its former glory.  Millions of Naval crew have ferried hundreds of thousands of guardsman, thousands of Ecclesiarchal soldiers, hundreds of Space Marines and dozens of Inquisitorial agents across the stars to retake the lost world of Ultramar.  Even the enigmatic Eldar have intervened in the interest of maintaining stability, and though they take orders from no human, a few more open-minded members of the Inquisition have been able to coordinate battle plans through suggestion and supplication.

Forces of the following codices support the Expedition in the Purging of Talassar:
* Codex: Blood Angels
* Codex: Grey Knights
* Codex: Imperial Guard
* Codex: Space Marines
* Codex: Space Wolves
* Codex: Black Templars
* Codex: Dark Angels
* Codex: Eldar
* Codex: Witch Hunters

Leaders of the Expedition:

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Mikael Fabian, Captain of the Ultramarines 3rd Company
Captain Fabian was chosen to lead the Imperial expedition by sole virtue of being the only available ranking Ultramarine.  While he is a great hero, and his actions during the Tyrranic Wars are famed throughout the galaxy, Fabian has never before led a coalition nearing the size or diversity of this one.  Fabian is undoubtedly an inspiration to the common guardsmen and the small cadre of Ultramarines he commands, but his strict doctrines and cautious attitude have made him unpopular with the other Expedition leaders.

Ludovic Solas, 4th Captain, Angels Encarmine
Captain Solas is proud and aloof, a tragic warrior leading the remnants of his broken company coreward after a successful campaign against the greenskin on the Eastern Fringe.  When he received Fabian's distress signal, Solas answered immediately, though his forces are depleted by more than casualties.  During his strike against the Orks, nearly a third of his company succumbed to the Black Rage, curse of his chapter and all the descendants of Sanguinius.  Solas seeks glorious death in battle for his comrades, and the crucible of Talassar seems ripe for his brand of heroic sacrifice.  Feeling an urgent need for battle, Ludovic has been vocally critical of Captain Fabian's conservative strategy.

Anthrillien Morningchild, son of Enthelien, 251st Autarch of the Yme-Loc Craftworld
Autarch Morningchild is a famed strategist and Autarch of the Yme-Loc craftworld. He is most noted for aiding Eldrad Ulthran on the planet of Haran, where a warp rift was threatening to engulf the planet Haran, and allow for a massive daemonic incursion. The phantom titans that Morningchild commands are millennia old and are the prized possessions of the Yme-Loc Eldar. When commanded by Farseer Tirion Starchild to intercede in the affairs of mon-keigh and help retake Talassar, he immediately prepared the Eldar fleet.

Big Mek Buzzdakka, Mekboss of Waaagh! Buzzdakka
Buzzdakka was (re)named for the shootas he invented that fire sawblades that became an instant favorite of the boyz in his clan. With the massive influx of teef to the already well-off Bad Moonz mek, Buzzdakka decided he wanted more. Of everything. Buzzdakka started gathering like minded boyz, mostly Bad Moonz and Deff Skullz, with some Blood Axes thrown in. With a following of boyz and the good fortune of a Space Hulk showing up in his system, Buzzdakka went off to explore the universe in the honored ork pastime of piracy. Talassar is the first system the space hulk entered after leaving the homeworld. Having heard of the power of "da big bloo 'oomies dakka", Buzzdakka figured the easiest way to get it is to buy it from them, or failing that looting it off their remains. To that end the Big Mek has approached the Imperial forces with a offer of his services in exchange for a share of the loot from the battlefield, not specifying which side of the battle he wants loot from...