Saturday, August 20, 2011


Welcome to the new Merlyn's 40k Campaign!  I'll be using this site to distribute the missions and updates as the campaign progresses.  To submit a battle report, please leave a comment on that week's post with your first name, your opponent's first name, and which objectives you achieved during your game.  If you'd like, you may leave a short play-by-play or a fluff report, but please make sure I can quickly and easily find your report information. Please report your games by 6:00 each Saturday.  Late reports should be made, but may not count toward that week's objectives.

Here are the rules, if you need a reminder:

Each player will play one game per week, and their reported results will drive the mission choice and the storyline. Each Sunday, I will distribute the week's results and the next week's missions and objectives.

When you schedule a game, you'll need to work out a points value with your opponent. Realistically this will put the games somewhere between 500pts and ridiculous Apocalypse sizes, but if you agree on some other method of determining objectives you could run Kill Team or alternate force org games too. If you do something really cool, let me know and I might work it into the story.

Missions will have a Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary objective.
Here's how objectives will work:

Primary: The team that achieves the most primary objectives determines which path we move down the mission ladder.

Secondary: Completing secondary objectives will reveal extra information that may help your team win the war.  A team completes a secondary objective if more than 50% of the qualifiying reports from that team list the objective as complete.

Tertiary: These objectives will reveal further information, as well as affecting the "degree of victory" for each battle and the war as a whole.  A side completes a tertiary objective if more than 50% of the qualifiying reports from that side list the objective as complete.

You may play your games against people not involved in the campaign, or against players from your own side, but Secondary and Tertiary objectives will not count toward your side's total unless your opponent is a campaign player from the opposing side.  In the event that both sides achieve a side objective, it will not be awarded.

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  1. The Eldar of the expedition battled the Dark Eldar of the occupation!Awesome game, with a Dark Eldar victory!