Saturday, September 17, 2011

Week 5: Evacuation

With the common men and women of Talassar at risk, the Expedition forces have shown a remarkable strength of purpose.  Space Marine raiding parties led by the Imperial Fists, Space Wolves and Angels Encarmine executed an operation designed to hamstring the Ork hordes.  Eldar spearheads fell upon the cultists of the Ruinous Powers, who had been tempted out of the battle lines in their clamor for innocent blood.  All the while, Inquisitorial forces including a cohort of mysterious Grey Knights fought a bloody rearguard against the deadly Tyranids, buying time for their allies in blood.  The Expedition forces have successfully relieved the siege on Talassar's urban centers and made contact with the remaining civic leadership.

The strikes on Occupation communication nodes were another resounding success.  Expedition leaders have fragmented the enemy forces, and the apparent leak into the Imperial Strategium network has been silenced.

Autarch Morningchild sends word that the Eldar devices have quieted the psychic storm somewhat, raising hopes that Imperial reinforcements can be contacted and that the investigation into the warp disturbances might bear fruit.

Week 4 results:
Primary: Expedition
Secondary: Expedition

Mission 5: Evacuation

With the relief of the Talassarian cities and the restoration of Astropathic communication, Imperial leaders have decided that a protracted war on Talassar is winnable.  In order to prepare for a long ground war, the orbital conflict must be resolved.  To this end, Talassar's remaining orbital defenses have been activated.  Every minute the gun facilities remain active increases the chances of successfully evacuating Talassar's noncombatants and bringing the inexhaustible might of the Imperial war machine to bear.  Expedition forces have been redeployed to defend these facilities, and the Occupation hordes will make them pay in blood for every shot the orbital guns take.  These final battles will determine the ultimate fate of Talassar: eternal battleground or recovering Imperial colony.

Primary Objective: Place an objective in each table quarter.  At the end of each game turn, each player is awarded one Objective Point for each objective he controls.  The player with the most objective points at the end of the game wins.

The long and bitter war on Talassar has created many hatreds and rivalries.  The leaders on both sides will take any opportunity to settle the score with their opposite numbers personally.

Secondary Objective: If at the end of the game, your opponent has no unwounded HQ units on the table, you achieve this objective.  Both players may achieve this objective.

While delaying the Imperials has always been important, none of the Occupation leaders ever truly believed they would be allowed to hold Talassar.  While some may have come simply for the opportunity at bloodshed, many of the Occupation warlords had much more sinister goals in attacking a Jewel of Ultramar.  While the ground war may take a heavy and destructive toll on the Imperium, it is now inevitable that Talassar will eventually return to Imperial control.  To obscure the psychic traces of their activities, Occupation leaders have turned to the surest method of causing psychic turmoil: bloodshed.

Tertiary Objective: Before the game, count the number of models in both players armies.  At the end of the game, if the combined total number of models destroyed is 75% of that number or greater, the Occupation player achieves this objective.  Otherwise, the Expedition player achieves this objective.

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  1. The terrible dawn! The 171st battalion of the Imperial guard had ample time to prepare their defenses. As is the greatest of their traditions. Most of the heaviest fighting has been in the upper northern regions from their location, and the latest scout reports indicated that no enemy units or movement was coming their way. Standard watches were set, defense at stand by, they had two squads of leman Russ tanks and the bane blade “Apollo’s light” was at the command lead. When the dawn came the tyranid swarm Cerberus was with it. The swarm descended upon the defenses with the morning light with amazing speed from all directions. All lines were broken by countless hamagaunts and genestealer broods, the morning light blotted out by gargoyles and harpies lead by the parasite tyranid form, and from underneath the ground burst mowlocs, and raveners. Both squads of Leman Russ tanks destroyed or crippled by the mowlocs with no targets for them to fire upon as the entire base was already engaged in close assault with the swarm. Apollo’s light brought her mighty guns to into actions a unit of three carnifexis waded through sentinels like a falling house of cards, and then collided into her hull with a thunderous crash. When the Apollo’s light munitions exploded, the 171st battalion commander knew the battle was over before it was ever started.
    Major Victory!
    Primary, secondary, and tertiary objectives achieved.