Sunday, December 4, 2011

Darkness Rising

Escaping the protracted wars of Talassar, several warlords formerly of the Occupation have made landfall on the Tau world of Au'daan.  No sooner had Imperial forces arrived in pursuit than a terrible revelation shook the forces on the planet.  All of the warlocks, sorcerers, seers and astropaths on the planet agree: someone had unleashed a terrible evil at the heart of Au'daan.  Though the prophetic details differ, each leader knows that survival will mean getting off the planet as soon as possible.  With dark energies stirring, the weather of the formerly tranquil world has become erratic, and safe landing sites have become rare and coveted.  One such location is the spaceport in Au'daan City, protected by the Tau equivalent of voidshields.  Each leader could be extracted with little difficulty, but to retain enough martial strength to pursue the mysteries of Talassar will require speed and luck!

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