Sunday, December 4, 2011

Welcome to Au'daan!

Okay guys, after much delay I present the campaign rules for Settlers!

This campaign will last five turns, with each turn lasting a week.  Each turn is broken up into three phases: the Roll, the Battle, and the Move. 

At the roll, experience points may be spent, then I will randomly determine the special board effects for the round.  The battle phase will last most of the week, and will allow players to play any number of games.  Each game played awards the player 1 movement point, with an extra point awarded to the winner.  Movement points DO NOT carry over from week to week.

Games may be played against outside players, but only one outside game will count toward movement and no experience points may be earned this way. 

During the Movement phase, each player may spend movement points to advance on the map.  Moving on one edge costs 2 movement points, moving through another player's line (where the player is moving or where they have previously moved) costs 3 points unless you defeated that player this turn.  There is no limit to the number of moves allowed during a turn, but moving more than 1 edge will forfeit your next turn's movement.  If you do not play at least one game during the battle phase, another player may move you back one edge during the movement phase.

Each player starts at an intersection on the map edge.  The goal of this campaign will be to reach the spaceport at the center of the map before the planet tears itself apart.  Each player occupying one of the six corner spaces of the spaceport at the end of the campaign wins.  If two players would occupy one of the spaceport corners, they will play a game to determine who gets to stay.  The other player will be pushed off onto the nearest unoccupied space.

Each turn, two tiles will randomly become Apocalyptic terrain.  Games fought by players bordering apocalyptic terrain count all difficult terrain as dangerous.  In addition, all movement touching Apocalyptic terrain costs 3 movement points.

All other tiles will have a randomly determined game effect:
1: Eldritch Storm- All psychic tests automatically succeed on any roll of doubles, but also cause Perils of the Warp
2: Lightning Strikes- At the beginning of each player turn, the tallest unit in the opposing force takes d3 S10 AP4 hits
3: Dust Clouds- Night fighting rules apply for this game
4: EM Disruption- All Vehicles and other non-troops models that are mechanical in nature (servitors, drones, Techmarines, Necrons etc) suffer -1 Initiative and -2 Leadership.  Any Vehicle Damage roll also inflicts one Crew Shaken result.
5: Earthquake!- At the beginning of each player's turn, roll a d6. On a 1-3, subtract 1" from all movements made this turn.  On a 4-6, add 1" instead.
6: Hurricane Winds- No scatter distances may be reduced.  All units have a 6+ cover save against shooting attacks.

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  1. Diggin the graphic. :) I'll try to check in this week about the campaign. :)